Picture Gallery


MVR members pose prior to opening the first mini-concert of Festival/Conference 2013.

“Carnivale” at F/C 2013

MVR goes Technicolor for their solo performance at Festival/Conference 2013.

Southwick, Massachusetts

We had a wonderful day and workshop in Southwick, May 20. This picture is from the 7:30 concert.

MVR Fun Picture

Photo Shoot

Just say the word and we can be serious too. That may take a bit of time, however.

MVR Table Skirt photo

Our Table Cover Logo

We try to feature our logo where our audience can see it…which sometimes takes some creative dressing of the tables!

Bells of Boston photo

Bells of Boston

Ringing at Faneuil Hall on a fun, cold December day in Boston with members of the New England Ringers.

East Hartford

East Hartford, CT – December 2007

MVR loves returning to East Hartford every December – one of our holiday touring traditions.

Handbell Duet

“Symphonia on Hyfrydol”

Rachel and Kim have performed this duet several times with MVR.  Nothing beats dueling bell trees!

Lisa and Rachel at SEE

Lisa and Rachel at SEE (“Solo Ensemble Extravaganza”) in Colorado – July  2011

Arnold Sherman

“Hey, it’s Arnold Sherman!”

BJ expresses his excitement about working with the prolific handbell composer.

Ham & Cheese

It’s a shame our members are so introverted…

How to Make a Banana Boat!

Sue C’s recipe for a tasty campfire treat is an MVR staple, immortalized here on video by Rachel. Bon Appetit!